BAYAWEAVER - inspired by nature

There is a learning in everything created by God. The extreme hard work and intricate workmanship of the Baya Weaver bird in building a fabulous nest that can be a comfortable and safe home for its partner and offspring’s, has been our inspiration.

Our endeavour is to build homes imaginatively, with modern day necessities, going beyond ordinary expectations and with loads of attention to detail.

We have chosen to go beyond merely getting the best architects and the best construction contractors; we invest quality time diving deep into detailing every nook and corner of what would be people’s home.

What if work or study take you to a geography away from where family is? Why would you be deprived of the all the comforts and amenities that you are used to. Why should you end up in a one-bedroom house? Oh My God is an imaginatively designed ultra-premium studio apartment complex with built-in modern facilities, and a support infrastructure to meet a cross-section of needs. It’s not just another one-bedroom apartment.

Modern day needs and lifestyle have been bringing our traditional beliefs and the joint-family living under stress. Recognising man’s intrinsic character of being a social animal, we are building H.O.M.E - bringing modern infrastructure with smart detailing in a setting that’ll provide you a community and will still be close to where your roots may be.